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Martes, 10 Julio 2012 12:41

Is it possible to manufacture a seamless purse?

    loloconcept01This is the question that two brothers descendants of a long tradition of leather goods were and that after several years of research and development led to the birth of the brand LOLO.

    The brand LOLO was born in 2005, beginning to make purses without seams that are the symbol of our brand and get their name from it. So we call our purses affectionately "LOLOS".

    From the beginning, the Lolos proved to be an innovative product that could compete with the highest standards of quality, sophistication and luxury worldwide admiration up everywhere and fairs where they were presented.

    So they began to reap the first rewards and become the germ of what is today the brand LOLO, a symbol of luxury leather goods, the quality and craftsmanship of the artisans of Ubrique.

    Thus LOLO purses receiving several awards among which are:



    Best Design Prize in the Leather Goods category in the 5th Andalusian Leather Goods Fashion Week celebrate in Ubrique organize by organized by the Chamber of Trades from Cadiz and Trade Promotion Agency EXTENDA of the Junta de Andalucía.

    premioSpanish National Craft Award 2009 Edition in the Innova category.

    These awards are sponsored by the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade, through the Spanish Foundation for Innovation of Crafts (Fundesarte) and began to be granted in 2006.

    The aim of these is to promote development and competitiveness of small and medium Spanish artisans, encouraging innovation, design and adaptability to market. These awards recognize from the highest institutional level those actions recognized as excellent and exemplary in the field of contemporary craft.

    loloconcept19The LOLO purses has evolved from its beginnings can find at the moment in both round and square versions.

    We also have a range of 15 colors that can satisfy the different tastes of both men and women making it a unisex product of the highest distinction.

    With regard to termination Lolos found the smooth, metallic or polka dots.

    So over time our dear LOLOS, who were the beginning of this adventure, has become a reference product of our brand in the most of prestigious boutiques around the world.

    loloconcept11       loloconcept15

    loloconcept14     loloconcept30

    We would like to conclude this post by remembering all those who contributed their bit for some time to help us grow the brand LOLO.

    Thank you very much everyone.