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arrierosOur story begins in the early nineteenth century. At that time, due to the passage of traders and farmers on our land, and the need for them to have a container to keep the tobacco, then appeared the "preciso".

This development has generated other products, such as the famous tobacco pouches (petacas), and has prospered in Ubrique a craft industry in charge of the achievement of them.


This old tradition was forged the knowledge, professionalism and sense of familybusiness that passed from father to son and that, nowadays, the artisans of the leather of Ubrique become a worldwide reference.

idiLOLO follows from this artisan culture and, simultaneously, introduces a new concept of article of leather, LoLo Concept, thanks to a constant process of R+D+i (Research, Development and Innovation).

LOLO has created a new technique, exclusive worldwide, combining the knowledge transmitted by our ancestors and the latest technologies applied in the treatment process of the leather.

loloconcept05LOLO products are the result of a crafting process by which friendly environment and high quality natural raw materials are transformed in exclusives and innovatives designs.

All LOLO products are handmade by skilled craftsmen ensuring the environmental guidelines of our time.

Today, LOLO products meet the highest quality demands of our customers and also are a symbol of elegance and glamor and they transmit seduction, good taste and unmatched brightness and color.

LOLO products, day by day, are now established in the market and getting new customers around the world.

The quality and exclusivity of the products LOLO has been rewarded with several prizes.