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Lunes, 04 Noviembre 2013 11:52

Top 6 leather trade shows in the world

lineapelleOne of the best ways to market our business is certainly the participation in an exhibition. But the wide variety of them which are held annually can lead to confusion or indecision.

Therefore, in this article we propose the best fairs in the leather sector worldwide.

What is your favorite leather trade show?


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Jueves, 06 Septiembre 2012 07:54

How do you tell real leather from fake leather

cuerolegitimoLOLO500We opened our Advice section here where we try to bring to the public the knowledge gained after several generations of the family dedicated to the production of leather goods and furs selling for top manufacturers and brands Ubrique established leader in the manufacture leather goods worldwide.

Have you ever hesitated when going to buy a product of luggage, a handbag or a piece of genuine origin of the leather with which they were made?

Here we have the easiest ways to tell if a skin is authentic or you are pulling the wool.

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