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Miércoles, 09 Octubre 2013 11:26

How to care and maintain a genuine leather bag

    asa2We continue our Advice section with this article about the care and maintenance of leather goods.

    Surely, we all have various leather goods in our closets.

    The question is:

    Do we know to take care of them?

    The most of us do not carry out this task conveniently.

    This article is intended for those interested in care and extends the life of their bags, wallets, jackets and others leather clothes.

    tarjeteroLOLOOne of the first things to considerer is the dust. The dust is our main enemy. Its accumulation can cause the leather to become dry and, therefore, cracks may appear to end up with it.

    To avoid this, we pass regularly a clean soft cloth, not allowing more than two months between cleanings.lluvia-de-colores

    Another issue that should be especially careful is the impact of water on the leather. We must avoid skin were exposure to rain, and if it gets wet our leather clothes, we have to remove any remaining water with a soft and clean cloth as soon as possible.


    armarioIf we stop using our leather items for a while, we must choose the place where we deposit with attention. The ideal location would be a cool room where garments were not exposed to moisture, and never put the leather clothes in plastic bags, as this may encourage the growth of bacteria and mold. It would be a better idea, put leather clothes in perforated bags which enable perspiration. We should also use acid-free paper to maintain the shape or the goods (as in the case of bags, sleeves of jackets, purses). In this way the leather does not deform or will wrinkle.

    limpieza bolsoIf we choose a product to preserve the natural softness of the leather, keep in mind that these conditioners shouldn’t contain oil, wax or silicone, because these components clog up pores, and as a result, the leather hardens and becomes more breakable. We will also consider the products must not be applied directly: always serve a clean dry cloth. If you do not have special conditioner for leather, we have the option of using moisturizers, which will also help us to keep our items in good conditions.

    If we follow these advices, we’ll get our clothes and leather accessories always look like new. 

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