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Jueves, 06 Septiembre 2012 07:54

How do you tell real leather from fake leather

    cuerolegitimoLOLO500We opened our Advice section here where we try to bring to the public the knowledge gained after several generations of the family dedicated to the production of leather goods and furs selling for top manufacturers and brands Ubrique established leader in the manufacture leather goods worldwide.

    Have you ever hesitated when going to buy a product of luggage, a handbag or a piece of genuine origin of the leather with which they were made?

    Here we have the easiest ways to tell if a skin is authentic or you are pulling the wool.


    First we suggest you buy your leather products in a reputable store with professional advice and if you can be of reputed brand.

    No but we can always do better appreciate the article in a spacious and well lit because we will have to run all our senses when we have it in our hands to know if it is made of genuine leather.

    1.- The Touch.


    When we touch the surface of a genuine leather hands will notice that it may be smooth, soft and supple. In the case of synthetic leather is generally rigid.

    The genuine leather feels warm to the touch. The artificial leather gives the feeling of something cold and lifeless.

    Moreover, the leather has better elasticity than the leatherette, for if we press the surface of the skin with the fingers may notice some small wrinkles disappear naturally, which does not happen with the synthetic.

    Turn over the leather, if possible, and see if you have cloth or lint on the back. If there are, then it is almost certainly real leather. It can not do so if inside a bag, for example, the leather presents a liner.

    Another important fact is that the real leather reacts to friction with nails. If one genuine leather scratch with a fingernail can dislodge small particles called the flower of the skin. Also if we try to stab the nail achieve nothing with a leatherette and leave mark in real leather.

    Finally a genuine leather that will be hard to pierce with a needle. The synthetic fur instead be much easier to go through the same.

    2.- The Smell.

    olfatoThis is one of the most important tests. About your nose to the leather good and smell it.

    In general, real furs have a characteristic odor. This odor will be different depending on the leather, either belts, shoes, leather jackets or small leather goods. Stronger will go smoother.

    The leatherette for example have a characteristic smell of plastic.

    Beware of any form in the market because there are skins that mimic artificial fragrances smell the real leather. In this case the smell is lost over time as all artificial scents.

    3.- The sense of sight.

    bolsoenllamasIn the genuine leather can be observed in the texture of the skin pores, which does not occur in the plastic. Although in this case is much easier to deceive the rookie observer in this matter.

    4.- The fire.

    The ultimate test. The easiest way to identify the leather is through the fire.

    Taking the heat source and it near the garment or article slowly. If it starts to deform irregularly, fake fur. If vinyl or plastic, it could even burn.

    Instead, the genuine leather will not deform. The skin heat shrink when cooled but will return to its original state. So much so that a flame is used in some types of termination of the various leather goods.

    This is a irrefutable test but we don´t recommend to make that in a shop.

    The effects could be a call to the fire department or a payment of a leather good to the clerk.

    We hope you have enjoyed this post and will be useful in the future. Remember that if you will be accused of arson will not be a defense to refer to this post.

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