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Lunes, 20 Mayo 2013 10:05

Brazil. New market for luxury leather goods brands.

    espaciobrasilWe follow our articles on the situation of the global Leather goods market focusing on the Brazilian market.

    During the last two decades, Brazil has grown steadily and have positioned as one of the economic powers in Latin America. The big size of the country, the economic diversity, the government stability and the wealth of natural resources has attracted foreign investment. Developed nations of the world. Being the tenth largest economy in the world.

    tarjeteroLOLOThe currency of Brazil is the Real whose value has been ups and downs the last 20 years, compare with the dollar value to be worth a quarter in just 20 years, which is now just half a dollar achieving good recovery.

    Brazil exports natural resources such as Wood and petrochemicals, and minerals such as iron, tin, magnesium, nickel, uranium, copper, lead, gold, zinc, tungsten…, which are industrial raw materials and cause big money gains in exports. Offshore oil deposits discovered recently make its economy grow in the country lately.

    Due to its economic policies Brazil is the largest receiving of foreign direct investment in Latin America, having one of the most advanced industrial sectors in Latin America, becoming the first Latin American country to overcome the economic crisis, but the country has a large gap in the economic division between the different social classes of rich and poor. This is especially in health indicators, infant mortality and nutrition.

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    As for the next few years the Brazilian economy tries skyrocket to fifth in the world, directing its growth to social projects to promote education, reduce poverty and strengthen technology. Trying to get more people sty to the middle class and thus also become a strong country. This should help the forthcoming World Cup Football 2014 and the Rio Olympics Games in 2016.

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    A population of almost 200 million of habitants, a rising economy, two major world events and the world`s attention focused on this market make Brazil has become a major target market for fashion and luxury leather goods brands worldwide.

    So the principal cities and shopping streets begin to fill with Brazil franchises the most coveted luxury brands.

    Focusing on the market in Brazil leather goods exports in 2012 were valued at U.S. $639,6 million, down a 6% compared to 2011. This is attributed to several problems like tax credits are not reimbursed, high taxes on interest … which has reduced the competitiveness of the sector and thus affected exports.


    Reflecting the importance of this sector in the Brazilian economy to mention that the Leather sector exports account for 18.9 % of the balance of trade balance of Brazil and will gradually conquering new markets. The main destinations of the products are China, Hong Kong, Italy, and the United States covering 66% of the total goods, with Rio Grande do Soul and Sao Paulo major leather exporting states with 40% of the total.