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Jueves, 06 Junio 2013 12:21

LOLO at the EBFW (Elche Bloggers Fashion Week)

    LOLO EBFWWe discusss in this post our participation in the EBFW (Elche Bloggers Fashion Week) which was held last 17th and 18th May in Elche.

    We take this opportunity to debut our new models of handbags LOLO introduced by our friends of Womanheel.

    The event start Friday 17th with a visit guided for participants at the Elche Business Park to see firsthand the manufacturing process, from the moment of choosing the fabrics, colours, designs to future trends collections of hand professionals who are dedicated to it from the various production departments, coolhunting, design, marketing and communication of best footwear companies located there.

    Saturday 18th of may take place the main activities of the event.


    In the Elche Congress Centre gathered top professionals in the world of fashion, photography and online communication in a marathon day in the shoes, accessories, beauty, trends and, in general, the 2.0 world were the protagonists. The presentation was given by the journalist specializing in fashion, Clara Courel (see photo on the right of these lines with our model FIRST).

    The conference program had the next development:

    - EBFW Presentation by Clara Courel. Did feature speeches from the Mayor of Elche Mercedes Alonso and Priscilla Hernandez, organizer of the meeting.

    - Priscila Hernández. The key of a egoblogger (The personal style)

    - Carlos Pérez, Galactinet. The blog as a means independent and profitable.

    - María León. The blogger as journalist and fashion consultant. His experience as an ambassador for fashion blogs Spain.

    - María Eugenia y Teresa de la Cierva. Beauty blogs.

    - Roundtable: From personal space to professional success. Various types of blogs: Silvia Moya, Macarena Gea, José María Velaz.

    LOLO EBFW 2- Belén Canalejo. Ten keys to take the job of your dreams and be happy in the process.

    - Pagoa Larena. Coolhunter, fashion visionary. 2015 trends.

    - Gala González Interview.

    - Belén Colino. Trendencias success, adapted and anonymous journalism.

    - José Luis Díez. The male blog.

    - Mayte de la Iglesia. Fashion from all angles: Model, blogger, designer ... The blog open to bloggers, correspondents in other cities.

    - Roundtable: Photography and street style. The influence of street style in fashion, Ramiro E, Peter Zozoya and Angelica Dass.

    - Rafal Muñoz, brief presentation and summary of the day.

    LOLO PRISCILA HERNANDEZAfter completion of the official agenda opened the area dedicated to brands where the public and bloggers could see of firsthand the new products. You can see a series of photos of the LOLO products with the bloggers. Right Priscilla Hernandez with one of our fans.

    We also was  visited by the Miss Spain Paula Guillo that you can to see with one of our new bags, Belen Colino from, Belén from, Jennifer Urbano from and Belén Plá from



    The Miss España

    Paula Guilló

    lolo belen colino

    Belén Colino



    Belén from Balamoda


    lolo jennifer urbano



    Jennifer Urbano


    lolo belen pla

    Belén Plá

    Finally there was a big party for closed the event final. We hope you liked the post and our new bags. Visit us on our our Facebook page and tell us about.