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Viernes, 12 Abril 2013 12:16

The leather museum of Allariz

A-casqueira1Returning to our articles about leather museums, now we refer to a museum in Allariz, a nice place in the province of Ourense.

It is located next to the Arnoia River, where there are many tanneries like, Torre Lombarda factory, Curtido Vilanova tannery, A Casqueira factory, Curtidos de Meire factory y the Nogueiras family tannery (where is located the museum).

(view of A Casqueira factory)

Martes, 27 Noviembre 2012 09:45

LOLO in Marroquinería Española

LOLO luxury leather goods
The prestigious magazine in the leather goods sector, MARROQUINERÍA ESPAÑOLA, dedicated to LOLO an article in its issue of the 2nd half of 2012. 

This magazine has been published since 1972 and is a leader in the leather sector worldwide.

Jueves, 06 Septiembre 2012 07:54

How do you tell real leather from fake leather

cuerolegitimoLOLO500We opened our Advice section here where we try to bring to the public the knowledge gained after several generations of the family dedicated to the production of leather goods and furs selling for top manufacturers and brands Ubrique established leader in the manufacture leather goods worldwide.

Have you ever hesitated when going to buy a product of luggage, a handbag or a piece of genuine origin of the leather with which they were made?

Here we have the easiest ways to tell if a skin is authentic or you are pulling the wool.

loloconcept01This is the question that two brothers descendants of a long tradition of leather goods were and that after several years of research and development led to the birth of the brand LOLO.

The brand LOLO was born in 2005, beginning to make purses without seams that are the symbol of our brand and get their name from it. So we call our purses affectionately "LOLOS".

From the beginning, the Lolos proved to be an innovative product that could compete with the highest standards of quality, sophistication and luxury worldwide admiration up everywhere and fairs where they were presented.

So they began to reap the first rewards and become the germ of what is today the brand LOLO, a symbol of luxury leather goods, the quality and craftsmanship of the artisans of Ubrique.

camaraextendaLOLO brand gives its parent company TRADE CURTIDOS, S.L. the Best Design Prize in the Leather Goods category in the 5th Andalusian Leather Goods Fashion Week celebrate in Ubrique organize by organized by the Chamber of Trades from Cadiz and Trade Promotion Agency EXTENDA of the Junta de Andalucía.

This edition held in the Convent of the Capuchins in Ubrique attracted a group of potential buyers from the United States, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Hungary and Russia, who visited Ubrique to learn about new leather goods products and headquarters companies that manufacture leather and the manufacturing process used. In addition, they perform individualized job interviews.