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Miércoles, 28 Marzo 2012 09:44

Lolo wins the Spanish National Craft Award

    premioLOLO brand gives its parent company TRADE CURTIDOS, S.L. the Spanish National Craft Award 2009 Edition in the Innova category.

    These awards are sponsored by the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade, through the Spanish Foundation for Innovation of Crafts (Fundesarte) and began to be granted in 2006.

    The aim of these is to promote development and competitiveness of small and medium Spanish artisans, encouraging innovation, design and adaptability to market. These awards recognize from the highest institutional level those actions recognized as excellent and exemplary in the field of contemporary craft.


    This award is intended to recognize the products, prototypes or actions that involve a firm commitment to innovation in the craft, using new technologies, new materials and innovative reinterpretation of traditional products and other proceedings of similar character.

    loloconcept01Evaluation criteria that led to LOLO to obtain this distinction were:

    1.- The use of new technologies in any stage of the design, production and placing on the market for the product..

    2.- The use of new materials or innovative use of traditional materials.

    3.- The adaptation or reinterpretation of a traditional design in its formal aspects, functional or both together.

    4.- The contribution to new uses, new habits and new realities.

    5.- The technical and formal quality.

    6.- Adapting to market and commercial potential.

    7.- The ability to transmit positive values to society related to crafts, contributing to its promotion and enhancement.

    8.- The social and environmental responsibility.

    9.- Creativity in innovation, applied to the conceptual values, formal and technical, design, product development, business strategy and marketing or product presentation.

    10.- The commitment to the development  of contemporary craft and diffusion, promotion and teaching of crafts as creative practice.



    We thank the institutions to recognize the effort and the work of years to get what is today our brand LOLO.

    Also we do not forget all those who contributed their bit for some time to help us get this far.

    Thank you very much everyone.