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Leather Museum of Ubrique

    conventoWe started  our articles on leather-related museums referring to the closest to us:

    Leather Museum of Ubrique

    Located in the old Convent of Capuchins (right picture). The funds are up items related to Ubrique leather from diverse backgrounds: both machines and tools and parts manufactured in Ubrique throughout its history. The idea of the museum is building on real objects and phenomena being based on the comparative information of the documents consulted and provided by our elders.

    The idea of this museum was born of Maribel Lobato (pictured), soul and engine of this project. After passing through a course of urban ecology, she found that some of the wastes that the leather industry discarded were parts of the history of Ubrique. For twelve years, Maribel has collected material on its own initiative and through donations of leather goods companies.

    The museum was born of Exposition Hands and Magic in the Leather, which has had great success after several editions, in and out of Ubrique. In the latter, in 2008, joined the project Paco Solano (pictured), one experienced worker of the sector that brings his extensive theoretical and practical knowledge, complementing the current management of museum of Maribel. The initial collection is constantly growing with various acquisitions and donations from numerous citizens sensitive to the museum project, whom we thank for their ongoing generosity.

    precisoThe Museum of Skin Ubrique tries to get closer to the world of leather, conveying emotion and feelings that motivate the user to ask questions, which are trying to solve during the visit.

    The visit allows to interact with real objects, such as machinery, tools and pieces of real leather, which gets an experience that teaches us to confirm the provenance, quality and authenticity of the creations that we discover in the museum.

    For example, visitors may themselves develop a typical preciso (as can be seen in the photo).


    Obviously we also have contributed to the museum.

    So if anyone wants to come to see our National Crafts Award he can do there.

    In the photo on the left we see Jesus Gonzalez depositing the same.

    In any case we strongly recommend a visit to Ubrique and to our Museum where we can dive into some of the history of leather of Ubrique.


    Museo de la Piel de Ubrique
    Location: Convento de Capuchinos. Avenida de Herrera Oria, s/n
    Contact: Apdo. de Correos 234
    11600 UBRIQUE (Cádiz)
    Phone: (+34) 956 922 980, ext. 6
    Web: El Museo de la Piel de Ubrique

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