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Shopwindow Sets

We do here a tour across the LoLo Concept and show you our range of Shopwindow Sets. They are ideal for placement as a presentation or shop windows. It also can be replaced with the products the client want without having a precise arrangement like we can see here.
However, if you were interested in that we personalize for you any of our articles or if you think we can make one of your designs with our unique manufacturing techniques do not hesitate to contact us.

Set Outside Vie...
Set Inside View
Set Nº 1
Set Nº 2
Set Nº 3
Set Nº 4
Set Nº 5
Set Nº 6
Set Nº 8
Set Nº 8
Set Nº 8
Set Nº 8
Set Nº 8
Set Nº 8